Let’s start with the fact that Tlaib defrauded tax authorities on her personal tax returns according to DetroitNews.com:

“Rashida Harbi “Harpy” Tlaib, a Palestinian Muslim Michigan State Representative, committed tax fraud, attempting to get tax exemptions for two homes she owned by listing both of them as her primary residence for a “homestead” tax exemption. She and her husband, Fayez Tlaib, did this for years…”That link no longer works, which comes as no surprise considering how the media has avoided reporting any negative documentation about Muslims in general and her fellow Squad member, Ilhan Omar (D-MN), in particular. The Daily Wire also reported on the now removed article acting as a ping of conformation.

This became official government policy following a February 8, 2013 meeting then-FBI Director Robert Mueller hosted with a coalition of Islamist apologists and propagandists, including members of the Muslim Brotherhood, at F.B.I. headquarters.