Sacha Stawski von Honestly Concerned im Gleichschritt mit Josef Schuster, Präsident des Zentrats der Juden

One of the parties to be aware of is the Alternative for Germany (AfD), which will not be part of the government but did get about 10% of the votes. This right-wing, extremist party, often demonizes Muslims and trivializes the Holocaust, which one of their leaders referred to as “bird-feces” in the frame of history.

To understand what the future holds, we need to understand the past first. Many people in Germany, including Jews, had become critical of Merkel’s government, which failed Germany in many ways, including in domestic issues, such as immigration and the handling of the pandemic. And while Chancellor Merkel was seen as an outspoken friend of Israel, inundated with awards from Jewish organizations, some blame her for the rise of extreme right-wing positions in society.