• The city of Cologne, once a stronghold of Christendom in Germany, has authorized mosques in the city to begin sounding Muslim calls to prayer over outdoor loudspeakers. The move, ostensibly aimed at promoting multicultural diversity and inclusion, represents a significant step toward the cultural normalization of Islam in Germany. It is taking German multiculturalism into uncharted territory.
  • Critics say that comparing Islamic prayer calls to church bells is a false equivalence because the muezzin proclaims religious slogans such as „there is no god but Allah“ and „Allahu Akbar“ („Allah is the Greatest“).
  • „The Muslim call to prayer is not like the ringing of church bells, which are a reminder of a scheduled worship service. Instead, it is a creed and a statement of political Islam, which has unfortunately been abused in many ways in recent years. The call ‚Allahu Akbar‘ is not only a call to prayer, but it has also become the battle cry of jihad by Islamist terrorists.“ — Necla Kelek, Turkish-born German Islam expert.
  • „It’s not about ‚religious freedom‘ or ‚diversity,‘ as Mayor Reker claims. The mosque operators want visibility. They celebrate the muezzin as a show of power over their neighborhoods.“ —Ahmad Mansour, Israeli-Arab and German Islam expert.
  • „The Muslim call to prayer, the muezzin call, is now permitted in Cologne. Cologne’s Lord Mayor Henriette Reker calls this a ’symbol of diversity.‘ For me it is the opposite — a sign of discrimination…. In 2015, I had to flee from Bangladeshi Islamists because I publicly criticized Islamism. When I hear ‚Allahu Akbar‘ from loudspeakers in Germany, I think of a lot, just not diversity…. The muezzin call reminds me of the killing of my six blogger friends by Islamists and the brutal repression of minorities…. This call from the speakers of conservative mosques is above all a show of power. The fact that the city of Cologne now allows the muezzin call with reference to tolerance is a sign of false tolerance for me.“ — Shammi Haque, a Bangladeshi-born journalist in exile in Germany.