Delegates brandishing Palestinian flags at a Labour party conference in Liverpool, September 25, 2018.

Replete with accusations rejected by Israel, the resolution calls to boycott the Jewish State

Delegates to Britain’s Labour Party on Monday passed a motion condemning Israel for what they termed the “ongoing Nakba in Palestine.”

„Conference condemns the ongoing Nakba in Palestine, Israel’s militarized violence attacking the Al Aqsa mosque, the forced displacements from Sheikh Jarrah and the deadly assault on Gaza,“ read the motion, passed on the third day of the annual Labour conference held in Brighton, southern England. 

Citing reports by the Israeli leftist NGO B’Tselem and by the Human Rights Watch group, both of which accused the Jewish state of forcing a regime of segregation and discrimination on Palestinians, the resolution “unequivocally“ accepted the claims that „Israel is practicing the crime of apartheid as defined by the UN.”