Can you hear the voice of the trompets? Can you hear the noise of war? This Am I! The great I AM! Do you know ME?

You should! But you did not listen so long to me for my warnings when I wanted to warn you! Put on your armour and walk with me over the battlefield. Even my own people does not know me, but soon they will! They will see my successfull movements. No warrior is able to win this battle, but I CAN, because I am surprising mine enemies in each movement, so he can not react to mine actions. I am dancing on their necks.

So it will be impossible for him to win.

Iran will fight in his pride against ME, the GREAT I AM But soon he will loose it and fall into his own pit. He will fall, and never stand up, never recover from this attack against ME. I will laugh, but he is crying. He felt himself to be very strong, but he was not. So that the whole world felt to better fear ME when I come against you.

I AM fighting for my Throne, which is the place of great Authority. You never willl be able to win this war against ME, the great I AM. Are you willing to fight for my Kingdom in heaven?

ARE YOU READY TO LOSE IT?You fight on the wrong side because you never understood that I never came to kill you, but to save your life. But unfortunately you did not accept me as Lord of Lords. So you missed the point of making Peace with me. You should learn how to live in Peace with ME. So you got war. I was asking you not to hate my precious people, but you did not listen because you are blind from hate. So you must reap what you have sown! How will you win against your maker? This will lead you into selfdestruction and all of your helpers. Come against me! And I shall show you who is the owner of my land which never was accepted by my enemies. You never realized the danger over your head. You never saw the doublededged sword over your head.

Your sons and your daughters were not teached well about the facts!

Now it is time to accept the truth: The antichrist is a hungry lion!

But I am who I am to save my people of Israel and all of her friends. So please trust me, even when it seems to be a no win battle. I will win with my doubleedged sword. And you will sing praises all of my days until victory is here.

Oh, whole EARTH! Be quiet before God the great master who is the ONE!

Lasst uns nun wach bleiben, denn es ist böse Zeit. Schlagt sie mit dem Wort aus meinem Mund.

Der Tester sagte zu meiner Warnung, dir doch die Ehre zu geben, DU habest hierzu nichts zu sagen.

.Jedoch das genaue Gegenteil ist die Realität.

Du bist die Realität aller Dinge die unvergänglich sind. Deshalb wirst Du diesen Krieg gewinnen.

Lasst uns den einzigen Gott Himmels und der Erde auf rechte Weise ehren. Er wird alle Dinge richtig beurteilen. Und recht richten. Darum fürchtet Gott mehr als als die Menschen! Nehmt aber den Sohn Gottes in eurer Mitte auf. Er wird alles wohl machen.

.Doch widersteht nicht seiner Liebe, damit sein Zorn nicht entbrenne

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