The German chancellor is reaching for total power in the late autumn of her reign. It has never been easier to deflate democracy in the Federal Republic of Germany than now.

The English translation of this article was done by Howard Steen. Thank you very much!

The German is like the slave who obeys his master without fetters, without a whip, by the mere word, even by a look. The bondage is in himself, in his soul; worse than material slavery is spiritualised slavery. One must liberate the Germans from within, nothing helps from without.

These sentences come from Heinrich Heine and they are very topical again right now. Recently, Facebook deleted this quote from a user. Heinrich Heine apparently violated Facebook’s terms of use, but he’s used to causing offence, so perhaps he’ll just turn slightly to the other side in his grave at Montmartre Cemetery in Paris and gleefully say to himself in eternal twilight sleep: „Apparently I’m still right.“ You have to manage that first: Heine fled to Paris during his lifetime, was banned under the Nazis and is now censored by Facebook – for so-called „hate speech“, the rubber term now hollowed out to the point of total ridiculousness by today’s hyper-correct rulers and digital gatekeepers.

Who is afraid of the free word?

Authoritarian rulers have never feared anything more than the free word. That’s why writers, thinkers, poets and singers were always the first victims of dictatorships. They were the first to smell its foul musty odour. At the same time, they were the creatively active ones who knew more about freedom than teachers of constitutional law will ever be able to tell us. Liberation from within is only possible by helping people to help themselves, as Heine already knew. The German, on the other hand, waits for someone from the outside to come and liberate him – until that is the case, he insults those who do not want to watch silently as swindlers and conspiracy theorists. „Ah Germany,“ one wants to reply to this half-cynically with Georg Herwegh,

„Let every freedom be stolen from you,
Do not defend yourself,
You keep the Christian faith;
Sleep, what more do you want?“

„Dictatorships initially live from the fact that their hieroglyphics are not recognised,“ Ernst Jünger once said. Well, applied to today, we can say: you really don’t have to be an Egyptologist. It doesn’t take much in the way of insight and decoding skills to realise that democracy in the Federal Republic is about to be shipped off to an island of death.

Angela Merkel has acted like a black hole since the beginning of her reign, sucking all life out of her surroundings, from competitors to coalition partners to the principles of democracy, the rule of law and federalism. The temporary becomes permanent, the exceptional becomes the rule. And every escalation of measures has ultimately resulted in a gain of power for them. Now, the next version of the „Population Protection Act“ (the name alone is a mockery) amending the Infection Protection Act is to automatically trigger draconian measures such as contact restrictions and night-time curfews. It will then be enforced by central federal decree, but please don’t call it an emergency decree regime!

How practical: According to the Basic Law (Art. 19 para. 4), there is no legal recourse directly against laws, so in future one will also be spared annoying individual case decisions by courts against administrative acts hitherto taken on the basis of legal ordinances of the Länder. And for some time now, one has been asking oneself in view of the piling up constitutional complaints: What do the judges in Karlsruhe actually do for a living? In their hour of probation, the country’s highest judges and members of their own constitutional body have apparently decided to mutate into a club of sleepyheads in Florentine robes. weiter