Richard Grenell, US ambassador to Germany appealed to the MP, tweeting „The US didn’t cause this conflict but we are trying to solve it. Maybe some help?

Röttgen, a MP for the Christian Democratic Union party, had tweeted, “The so-called #PeacePlan is to the detriment of #Palestine and presented as an ultimatum depicts a setback in the conflict. It is primarily a contribution to the ongoing election campaigns in the #USA & #Israel and a welcome diversion from domestic crises in both states.”

Dr. Elvira Groezinger, Deputy President of Scholars of Peace in the Middle East, German Section, Secretary of the SPME International Board, told The Jerusalem Post, “Nouripour, Iranian-born foreign policy spokesman of the Green Party with a double citizenship, bears a grudge against the US after he was one of the deputies who was not let into the country in 2017.” She added, ”No wonder that as an Iranian subject, he now backs the Mullahs, speaks on behalf of the Palestinian Arabs only, and attacks the peace plan as a contribution to an ethnic schism of the country, pleading at the same time for a two-state solution. I wonder if he does this on behalf of a Kurdish state as well. But given this biographical and legal status, his biased and one-sided opinion is neither serious, nor constructive or relevant in my eyes.”